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Who are we?

Dr. Mulholland is well-known for giving his clients aesthetically appealing and natural hair results.

SpaMedica’s Toronto hair restoration and transplantation patients are generally extremely happy with the results of their Artas robotic and NeoGraft automated hair transplantation procedures. Patients are well-selected and realistic, achieving over 90% FUE graft survival rate, less than 4% transection rate and a very natural hair design that they are able to customize with the help of Dr. Mulholland.

What is FUE?

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Dr. Mulholland Explain

With decades of experience as an authoritative industry thought leader, Dr. Mulholland brings his world-renowned expertise to patients of SpaMedica.

Hair Transplant

Patients looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their hairline will work together with our experienced FUE team to help you achieve the hair you've always wanted.

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Facial Hair

Improving the appearance of your beard, mustache, or sideburns can be as easy as scheduling an appointment with our experienced FUE team at SpaMedica.

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Eyebrow and Eyelashes

Our team of experienced FUE specialists will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals to get you the lashes and brows you've always wanted.

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Achieve your Aesthetic Goals

Patients love the 20 years of experience Dr. Mulholland has in designing the right hairline and densification approach for you, as well as the lowest-possible transection rate, highest-possible graft survival rate reported in the industry.

  • NeoGraft

    NeoGraft is a new device which facilitates the automated harvesting of follicles during an FUE hair transplant. NeoGraft dramatically improves the accuracy and speed of hair transplantation compared to previously-used manual extraction instruments. Dr. Mulholland and his expert, full-time hair transplant team select the proper angle, depth and rotatory punch speed for most patients.

  • Artas

    Artas is an Automated Robotic follicular unit harvesting system. Like NeoGraft, Artas automates the process of FUE harvest. Dr. Mulholland and his team set the depth and angle of the hairs to be harvested and the high-tech Robot does the rest. Artas Robotic Hair Restoration is good for certain hair types, anatomy and first-time FUE harvests.

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