During your consultation, you can expect to leave with:

• Reasons for your Hair Loss
• What FUE is
• How many grafts you require
• The expected outcome
• Pre and post surgical plan and post op recovery
• The time required for one session
• How many sessions may ultimately be required
• The post op adjunctive treatments that may be helpful (PRP, topical and/or laser)


Our FUE Hair Transplants come with protection for our patients. We offer a Warranty (except in situations where a pre-existing medical condition will impact results, in which case the Warranty is rendered void). Our Warranty includes a complimentary replacement FUE procedure for transplantations where there is significant loss of grafts that don’t take, or catastrophic Telogen Effluvium (shock loss) of existing hair that does not grow back.

✓ SpaMedica is known for consistently delivering the highest quality service with the best outcomes for 20 years.

Dr. Mulholland has pioneered automated FUE since 1996 and has taught hundreds of doctors across the United States the science and art of automated FUE. There is no one with as much automated FUE experience as SpaMedica.

✓ We are committed to your FUE satisfaction, your comfort and to delivering the expected, realistic outcomes.

Many FUE centers will lure with very high graft numbers but your outcome will still appear sparse (by splitting the double, triple and quadruple FUE grafts). Dr. Mulholland and his team do not split grafts, but, rather harvest and implant as Follicular units were meant to be, thick, intertwined and natural.

We stay on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art technology available today.