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Dr. Mulholland and his staff are the best. Dr. Mulholland is extremely knowledgeable and detailed. He has an eye for aesthetics, is professional yet has a great sense of humour. Isaac, Spamedica’s hair technician is absolutely phenomenal. His craftmanship and work ethic is top notch. Pre and post op communication with Spamedica staff was excellent. I’ve booked my second FUE appointment with Spamedica because of the experience, and fantastic results I received from my first procedure. I would highly recommend Spamedica for anyone looking for FUE (or any other service).
Posted May 8, 2018 on  by Anonymous
It’s been 1 year since my FUE procedure and the results are amazing. Dr. Mulholland and his staff were caring, and truly knowledgable. I have a second FUE procedure coming up this year. I haven’t been this excited for something in a while!
 Posted January 26, 2018 on  by Anonymous
FUE at Spamedica was the best decision I ever made. I underwent the FUE procedure 2 Christmas ago, and results are unbelievable. Very happy with my entire experience, and would highly recommend.
 Posted December 18, 2017 on  by Anonymous
Looked into getting a hair transplant and got great results. Was looking at 2 other clinics in Toronto, but glad I went with Dr. Mulholland’s expertise and excellent staff. Going in for my third FUE procedure next month. Highly recommend.
  Posted October 9, 2017 on  by Anonymous
I underwent the FUE procedure last Christmas and it was the best decision. The last couple of years was spent constantly looking in a mirror… constantly feeling insecure that my hair was thinning at 27. Six months after the procedure people scoff when I tell them I got the procedure done. They cannot believe it. Yes, they helped me physically with my hair line but psychologically. I don’t think about it anymore.
 Posted September 25, 2017 on  by ggb216
I had a hair transplant over 1 year ago and am very happy with the results. Dr. Mulholland laid out a plan and his thoughts on the procedure. Dr. Mulholland also took the time in the early stages to deal with any issues that may have arisen and dealt with them quickly. My hair looks great.
 Posted June 29, 2017 on  by tote1999
Had an amazing experience. The staff was helpful and courteous. Isaac did an incredible job with my FUE procedure that I have recommended him to others. He answered all my questions pre and post surgery.
 Posted July 2, 2017 on  by Andrew M.
Had hair transplant procedure, was very happy with the staff and dr. mulholland, he answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with the procedure, will return for more.
Posted on June 21, 2012 on  by Anonymous

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