Let Medicard Make Your FUE Procedure Easier

FUE financing makes it easy for you to spread low monthly payments over months or years, to make the finances as painless as the procedure. You could pay as little as $99 per month with no upfront payments. SpaMedica will help you with the application process to get your procedure covered by Medicard.

Step One

Submit your application securely online or call 1 888 689 9876. 

You can also request that SpaMedica help you!  Choose to finance the whole procedure or a portion, choose your ideal terms: 6 months, 1 to 6 years.

Step Two

Medicard will notify you of the credit decision by phone.  

It is quick and easy to finalized the details once you have approval. You can often get approval while you are waiting in our office!

Step Three

Medicard sends payment automatically to your doctor.  

It’s all convenient and automated, your monthly payment is electronically debited from your chequing account and the payment is sent to your doctor.

Fast: Financing can be approved while you are at your doctor’s office. Worrying about finances doesn’t have to be a barrier. Contact Medicard or let us help you.

We stay on the cutting edge of state-of-the-art technology available today.